Things To Do In Dallas For St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Posted by admin // March 17, 2015


There are a number of ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you are in Dallas. Keeping in mind all the wonderful contributions that the Irish culture and history has made to the world, it is only fair that people try to enjoy a day honoring the Irish history.

Enlisted below are some ways you can experience the Irish culture and tradition first hand in Dallas!

Get yourself to the North Texas Irish Festival!

This is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to celebrate the Irish culture. It is a three day lavish event which will leave you and your family asking for more. From green beer to people dressed as leprechauns, you will find everything associated with the Irish culture in the midst of this festival.

The festival will surely uplift your spirits and you will end up dancing and singing to the Irish music and tunes in no time at all.

Dress up as a pickle in the Pickle Parade!

The entire town will be cloathed extensively in green, and it only makes sense that you wear something green too. Whether it’s a shirt or a cap, just wear something green. Participate in the Pickle Parade and Paloozain and embrace the Irish culture at its best.

The women in the parade are asked to dress as pickles and the most well dressed pickle takes away the Pickle Queen prize. Fun, isn’t it?

Get your family tickets for the Cowtown Goes Green Event!

With armadillo races, a huge petting zoo, gun fights for children (stimulated for sure) this is the best place to have fun with your children. It is bound to be an excellent spot for you to teach your children a bit about Irish history and culture and have immense fun while you are at it.

Take a shot at running the parade route.

Participate in the Dash Down Greenville 5K, it starts in the morning at 8 am sharp, so make sure that you are there on time. Of all the ways in which you can start your celebrations and intense drinking activities, this is surely one of the most productive ways to get started.

Participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

This can quite easily be named as the most integral event of the entire St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations. This parade is bound to get you cheery and excited and the subsequent party at the end of the parade will keep you up all night without a doubt.

The parade is full of people dressed in green, wearing leprechaun dresses or hats, and that’s not all, you will surely see people participating in the parade with their well decorated cars also. If you enjoy a bit of comedy and you don’t mind drunk people much, you will surely see tipsy people doing hilarious and embarrassing things during the parade.

Sing along with the Josh Abbott Band.

Just after the parade, be prepared to enjoy your time with the Josh Abbott Band. A lot of well known singers like Snoop Dog and Ludacaris do show up sometimes, but no other band can get you in the right mood to enjoy the festivities like the Josh Abbott Band can.